Design & Development

Making your website LOOK good with a pleasing combination of layout, colors and images is just the first step. Equally important is the DELIVERY of your information. Who is your target audience? Do you want to use the options of animation, audio and video to attract their attention, or is the quick transfer of essential information the priority? And how do your pages look when viewed with different browsers on devices ranging from phones and tablets to large desktop monitors and TVs?

Does the information on your site change frequently? Then you might be interested in a WordPress site where you can do updates yourself without any special software or knowledge of HTML. We can develop your WordPress site and help you get started with its updating and maintenance.

These are just some of the website design and development issues we can help you with.


We bring to the web many years of experience producing award-winning audio for radio, TV and video, and we can easily integrate it into your site. If you supply the audio from any source like digital file, CD, or even legacy technology like reel-to-reel, DAT, cassette or LP, we can digitize, edit, mix and compress audio for top playback quality and quick download across a variety of platforms and devices.


As high-bandwidth connections have become common, using video on your website is a viable option.  A message from the company president, a product demonstration, vintage dinosaur movies—video can certainly add to the information value of your website. Whether your site is equipped to stream video from your server, or you prefer to embed your videos from services like YouTube or Vimeo, we can help get your website content moving!

About Us

In 1986 Steve Bradford moved from a career in radio to open a recording studio specializing in the production of audio for radio, TV and video. When, in the mid ’90s, recording transitioned from tape to digital, a next logical step was to use the company’s new high-powered computers to first, investigate this emerging world-wide web thing, and then to start developing content for it. Within a few years website development had become the primary focus of the company.

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